Single-plane gate with the possibility of equipping with all possible variations. Full color range, any size gate.
Built-in door package hatch
Preparation for further thermal insulation
Thermal insulation
Layout of horizontal cover surface and PVC panels
Ventilation curve or grid
Adapted for cooperation with TOP / LUX drive


RAL 3005RAL 6020RAL 7016RAL 8004RAL 8014RAL 8017RAL 9005
RAL 9006WhiteGolden oakNutBog OakWinchesterAnthracite

Assemble in the opening

 StandardWith wicket
SSo − 30 mmSo − 30 mm
HHo − 10 mmHo − 10 mm
SwS − 220 mmS − 220 mm
HwH − 220 mmH − 220 mm
Nmin0 mm50 mm
T1T20 mm, 0 mm0 mm, 0 mm


Assemble behind opening

 StandardWith wicket
SSo + (od 60 do 90) mmSo + (od 60 do 90) mm
HHo + (od 30 do 50) mmHo + (od 30 do 50) mm
SwS − (od 130 do 160) mmS − (od 130 do 160) mm
HwH − (od 170 do 190) mmH − (od 170 do 190) mm
Nmin0 mm50 mm
T1T250 mm, 50 mm50 mm, 50 mm


  • Garage doors with built-in door package – standard execution for garage doors with a height of up to 2,300 mm, doors with a door package in the entire height of the gate, width 900 mm, for higher gates the clear height of the door package is 2,000 mm (minimum required width of the gate is 200 mm)
  • Preparation of the gate for further additional thermal insulation (6 kg/m2, maximum 60 kg)
  • Horizontal layout of the cover surface up to 3000 mm wide (this is not possible if the door package is built into the gate)
  • Horizontal layout of PVC panels (applies to the version with additional thermal insulation in the cover)
  • Creation of a relief ventilation hole in the cover surface (relief up to 0.7 m2) TOP lock assembly adapted to work with the disconnect device in the LUX version
  • Door package built into the door package, special execution (minimum required width of the gate is 2,200 mm)
  • Glazing, window glass (methacrylate) with dimensions 637×334 mm or 665×345 mm
  • Inner finish – metal material
  • Unit appearance of the gate
  • Painted frames, except for the threshold –
  • RAL color Ventilation – gifted version Gate frame fittings