Freezer doors and gates, sliding, hinged

Doors and gates for freezers and cold rooms Doors and gates for cold rooms are designed for negative temperature controlled environmental conditions, down to minus 40 °C, as required by laboratories, clinics, restaurants or the food industry. Tiemitu has excellent fire protection properties and excellent thermal insulation. They are resistant to chemicals that prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in cold rooms. They can be manually or automatically opened. Both options include automatic operation efficiency. 2×3 doors and gates consume about 10 60W bulbs at full power, which means less than 500 euros per year. Doors and gates for cold rooms with pendant Pendulum cold room doors and gates are specially designed for negative temperature controlled environmental conditions and are used in cold rooms (+0 °C), cold rooms (-20 °C) and cold tunnels (-40 °C). Unlike the competition, our cold doors and pendulum gates can be opened by turning the handle, pulling or pushing. This type of system helps with daily work in the warehouse. In addition, thanks to their finish, the paint will not corrode or fall off. In addition, they are resistant to scratches, chemicals, high humidity and cleaning agents. This is essential to address one of the problems facing the industry: door wear due to corrosion. Rolling cold doors High-speed rolling cold doors Rolling cold doors limit the formation of condensation in cold rooms with a high humidity load at the door access. They have a double heating system for the wires and the motor, which prevents the formation of ice on the gate. They withstand temperatures down to -25 °C.