Garages - individual garages

The garages next to the house, produced with LEGBUD GARGULA, are a functional and economical solution to secure cars or other assets against the effects of the weather and thieves.
The structure of garages is made of iron galvanized sections.
The walls are covered with a plate - galvanized or covered with an organic layer, using colors from the RAL palette. The roof is made of a trapezoidal sheet - trapezoid T14.

The sheets are attached to the structure using iron rivets, and the roof sheets are attached with self-drilling screws with gaskets.
In standard garages, GARSTA lifting doors are installed (also with a small gate). It is possible to install two-sided doors and an additional entrance located in the side or rear wall.
Garage construction makes installation extremely easy and quick.
In the standard execution, we use two crossbars.
This significantly affects safe use, for example in situations where there is a thick layer of snow on the roof that needs to be removed.
The garage is attached to the foundation by screwing the structure to the foundation using (iron) expansion screws.
It is also possible to install the garage as a double garage (walls with or without filling). Other options are to make a garage with a pitched or pitched roof.


RAL 3005RAL 6020RAL 7016RAL 8004RAL 8014RAL 8017RAL 9005
RAL 9006WhiteGolden oakNutBog OakWinchesterAnthracite

Dimensions (izmēri)

Dimensions of typical PREMIUM garages in mm (width x lenght x height)
2970 x 5220 x 22402970 x 5220 x 24203340 x 5220 x 22403340 x 5220 x 24203710 x 5220 x 22403710 x 5220 x 24204080 x 5220 x 22404080 x 5220 x 2420
2970 x 5405 x 22402970 x 5405 x 24203340 x 5405 x 22403340 x 5405 x 24203710 x 5405 x 22403710 x 5405 x 24204080 x 5405 x 22404080 x 5405 x 2420
2970 x 5590 x 22402970 x 5590 x 24203340 x 5590 x 22403340 x 5590 x 24203710 x 5590 x 22403710 x 5590 x 24204080 x 5590 x 22404080 x 5590 x 2420
2970 x 5775 x 22402970 x 5775 x 24203340 x 5775 x 22403340 x 5775 x 24203710 x 5775 x 22403710 x 5775 x 24204080 x 5775 x 22404080 x 5775 x 2420
2970 x 5960 x 22402970 x 5960 x 24203340 x 5960 x 22403340 x 5960 x 24203710 x 5960 x 22403710 x 5960 x 24204080 x 5960 x 22404080 x 5960 x 2420
Dimensions of typical PREMIUM garages in MINI version in mm (width x lenght x height)
1100 x 1500 x 1400
1290 x 2820 x 1710
2200 x 2620 x 2100


Additional garage equipment

Serial garage with a common wall – a wall with or without filling
GARSTA gate, covered with a polyester layer – an option if the garage is galvanized
Small door, installed in the door film (standard version)
Small entrance door, installed in the garage wall (standard execution)
Sound hold for key hold (2 pcs.) at the door

Double or single pitch roof NC gate